Benefits for Schools and Divisions

The Value of VKRP

By participating in the Virginia Kindergarten Readiness Program (VKRP) schools and divisions gain access to integrated reports tailored to their level of responsibility. For example, principals are able to review school-level and classroom-level reports, while superintendents have the ability to review division-level reports about the domains of math, self-regulation, social skills, and literacy.

These reports are similar to the PALS reports many school divisions across Virginia already use and will incorporate key PALS kindergarten data. Administrators can export their readiness data for their own analyses, and the University of Virginia's VKRP staff can work with individual divisions to create specialized reports if needed.

Previous participating divisions have reported using the data to:

  • Get a better picture of instructional needs within their schools and division.
  • Help them plan for instruction and distribution of resources.
We are off to a great start. We already see this assessment as a valuable tool. I am excited to use all of the reports for further instruction.

Your Partnership in VKRP includes:

  • Access to the VKRP online assessment system including a direct-assessment of mathematics and a teacher rating scale that provides scores for self-regulation and social skills.
  • Materials and training for your teachers to administer the assessments (currently at no cost to the division).
  • Teacher instructional resources (e.g. strategies and sample activities) based directly on their student and classroom data and accessible directly from teacher reports.
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