Accessing Your VKRP Resources

The VKRP Resources include evidence-based strategies and activities to support your students’ math, self-regulation, and social skills.  There are tips on “common errors” and how to support students to correct them.  Many activities include ways to extend and provide more challenge to students.

However, we all know the key to using resources is being able to FIND them.  Follow the steps below to enter your VKRP Resources portal.

  1. Log into your PALS K-3 account and click on the VKRP tab.
  2. A On your VKRP landing page, one way to enter the Resources portal is by clicking on “My Resources” in the lower right corner.

2.B   Another way of accessing the Resources is through your VKRP Reports. In the picture below you can see an example from the Classroom Overview report. Click on any of the links under the Recommended Resources section (whether checked or not) and you will be taken to the Resources dashboard.

    1. Once in the Resources dashboard, access any of the math or social-emotional resources by clicking on their respective name on the top menu bar of the page. Or, to quickly access a full list of ALL activity and strategy guides, click on the “Activity Guide” tab.

vkrp resources navigation

Refresher on Resource Dashboard Structure

VKRP resources for math are provided at the subdomain level (numeracy, computation, patterning, geometry & spatial sense), while social-emotional resources are provided at the domain level (self-regulation, social skills).

What Resources Are Available

Once in the desired Resource tab, you will see the first three sections:

  1. What is it: A brief definition of the sub-domain or domain skill area.
  2. Key Skills: In-depth Guides about each key skill including how it develops and how to support the skill throughout the school day.
  3. Activity Guide: Links to free-standing activities and to websites with additional activities and strategies for that domain or sub-domain.

resources example

The VKRP Team is continuing to explore research- and evidence-based resources to expand the content available for you within the VKRP Resources portal.

We also want you to know that your feedback makes a difference. We use your insights, along with input gathered at trainings, workshops, and from administrators, to plan the next phase(s) of the VKRP work. If you haven’t already, please consider sharing your insights (link below). Our team THANKS YOU for your participation in VKRP!

2017 VKRP Teacher Feedback Survey

More questions? VKRP provides support via the online chat feature when you are in the system, via email, and via toll free 866-301-8278 ext.

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