VKRP: A Pathway to Understanding Student Readiness Skills Statewide

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Beginning kindergarten is an exciting and momentous time for students and families! We share in that excitement and we are thrilled that the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) will continue its partnership with the University of Virginia and expand the Virginia Readiness Program (VKRP) throughout the Commonwealth this fall. The VKRP provides teachers, parents, and administrators a comprehensive understanding of students’ school readiness skills at kindergarten entry as well as their skills at the end of kindergarten. Currently, 40% of Virginia’s kindergarteners enter Kindergarten without meeting the key benchmarks set for literacy, math and social-emotional skills. This statistic makes our commitment to using the VKRP even more important as it provides important insight into how to meet the needs of today’s kindergarteners.

Spotlight on the Unique Benefits of VKRP for Teachers, Administrators, and Families

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The VKRP includes a multi-dimensional kindergarten readiness assessment that complements the existing assessment of students’ literacy skills, the Phonological Awareness Literacy Screening (PALS), with assessments of early math (using the Early Mathematics Assessment System or EMAS) and self-regulation and social skills (using the Child Behavior Rating Scale or CBRS). From this assessment, VKRP provides data reports that help teachers and parents gain a better understanding of their students’ scores. The system provides tailored recommendations for skills that need support at the classroom and student level. These resources, accessible through “Recommended Instructional Resource” links, include in-depth skill guides, stand-alone activities, and instructional tips. Teachers and administrators are able to put the information gained from the VKRP to use right away. The Family Information Report is another valuable report option. Specifically designed to inform parents of their child’s scores, this report also encourages family support in progressing their child’s development. We recommend that every division share these reports and VKRP’s resources with families. These resources can be downloaded in English or Spanish or linked to from the VKRP public website:

To learn more about VKRP and how it works, visit the VKRP website at http://www.vkrponline.org.

For additional support related to the VKRP or for scheduling VKRP professional development, please contact:

The team at VDOE looks forward to working together with VKRP and school divisions to review our state’s VKRP data; pinpoint areas that need our support; and set priorities that will address these areas of need. We believe this work is critical in providing every child in Virginia a firm foundation for future school success.

Together, let’s commit ourselves to achieving this goal.

Dr. James Lane, State Superintendent of Instruction and Jenna Conway, Chief School Readiness Officer

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