Why We Need VKRP

Now more than ever, research shows that high-quality early learning experiences are critical for young children.

But, not all children enter kindergarten with the foundational skills needed for success in school. In fact, 44% of Virginia children enter school unprepared in at least one of four key areas. The Virginia Kindergarten Readiness Program (VKRP) aims to provide information that can help change that.

Four kids hanging out together on the playground
Two children working together with magnetic tile blocks

Why a Multi-Dimensional Approach?

VKRP places an equal emphasis on children’s academic and social-emotional skills because both are important for long-term success in school and life.

Children in preschool stretching during circle time.

Supporting Students Who Need It Most

In its first year of state-wide implementation, VKRP has already uncovered essential information about what supports young children need to be ready for school.

Benefits of VKRP

Teachers and principal reviewing data together.

For Divisions and Schools

VKRP helps schools and divisions pinpoint where teachers and students need more resources and support to be successful.

Teacher working with child using blocks and triangle shape.

For Educators

VKRP helps educators support students’ growth and learning in areas where they need it most.

Teacher and child building with blocks

For Families

VKRP helps families understand what school readiness means and how their child’s skills grow across the school year.