Benefits for Leaders

VKRP helps schools and division leaders better support teachers and their students by providing tailored, integrated reports that highlight students’ readiness skills. VKRP data can be exported and merged with existing school-level and division-level data so that multiple sources of information can be used in combination to better understand children’s readiness and development.

Teachers and principal reviewing data together.


What school and division leadership find most useful

Identifying Student Needs

Reports provide important information that highlights the most vulnerable populations within schools and divisions, allowing for early identification and referrals for targeted intervention.

Allocating Resources

VKRP data can help school and division leaders determine where to target resources and professional development opportunities for teachers.

Accessing Flexible Data

Administrators can export and use their VKRP readiness data to merge with existing division data.

We are off to a great start. We already see this assessment as a valuable tool. I am excited to use all of the reports for further instruction.

— Principal, Participating VKRP School - 2019