Benefits for Families

VKRP helps families better understand what school readiness means. VKRP gives you and your child’s teacher a more comprehensive picture of school readiness across four key domains: mathematics, literacy (PALS), self-regulation, and social skills. It provides information teachers can use to effectively individualize instruction and partner with you to help support your child’s school success. 

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What Parents Find Most Useful

A Snapshot of Readiness and Growth

Administered in the Fall and Spring, VKRP provides a picture of a child’s readiness and growth across the kindergarten school year in a variety of learning domains.

Family-Friendly Reports and Resources

VKRP provides a family information report that teachers may share with you, as well as information packets that explains what early readiness skills are and how they typically develop during the kindergarten school year.

A Way to Support Skills at Home

VKRP provides an opportunity to collaborate with your child's teachers in identifying appropriate home learning activities that could support skills in mathematics, self-regulation, and social skills.

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How Teachers May Share Data

VKRP provides a family-friendly report that teachers may use in a variety of ways. In the Fall, assessment data helps teachers provide a snapshot of children’s readiness skills as they enter Kindergarten. In the Spring, teachers are able to share how children’s skills have grown. Teachers might use the report to communicate information with parents during conferences or send the report home. Divisions and schools make individual decisions about the best way to share information with families.  

Family Resources


Family Resource Packets

The Fall family resource packet provides valuable information to support your child’s skills across the school year.


Family Resource Packets

The Spring family resource packet provides valuable information to help your child prepare for 1st grade.

Making a Difference

We’ve collected a number of reputable resources that provide great ideas for supporting early readiness skills at home. Find great ideas for supporting children’s early math, literacy, self-regulation, and social skills. And, check out our additional resources for learners with special needs, disabilities, or who are English language learners.

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