VKRP Reports

VKRP includes a reporting system that provides detailed information about students’ skills in the fall and spring.

Skills Included:

VKRP reports provide a snapshot of students’ skills in the areas of:

  • Mathematics (measured by the EMAS)
  • Self-regulation and social skills (measured by the CBRS)
  • Literacy skills (measured by the PALS)

Report Types

VKRP provides data at multiple levels: 

  • Individual Student Reports
  • Classroom-Level Reports
  • School-Level Reports
  • Division-Level Reports
  • Family Information Report

How VKRP Reports Work

VKRP reports provide actionable information to help meet students’ needs at their current skill level, linking to recommended instructional resources. The reports also provide a snapshot of how students’ skills have grown across the year.

Learn more in this short two-minute video introduction.

paperwork on a desk and a computer with bar graph report open

Report Overview

Student- and Classroom-Level Reports

These reports allow teachers to see the range of skills within individual students and across all students in their classroom at kindergarten entry. When used in combination with other data, they help provide teachers with information about where they can provide more support to meet students’ needs.

School and Division-Level Reports

These reports provide data that can be used in combination with other data collected to better understand the needs of children at the beginning and end of kindergarten. These data can help school leaders identify professional development needs. And, they can help Virginia policy makers make sound decisions about educational needs across the Commonwealth.

Family Information Report

VKRP provides a family-friendly report that teachers can use in a variety of ways – for example, to send home with students or to use as a guide in communicating information with families during conferences. Divisions and schools make individual decisions about the best way to share VKRP information with families.