VKRP Resources

Find VKRP fact sheets, an administrator toolkit, and resources to support school readiness skills

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VKRP Fact Sheet and Guides

Short guides provide an overview of the VKRP program, assessments, key dates, and FAQs.

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Administrator Toolkit

Tools you can use to introduce and share information about VKRP to your school and local community.


Supporting Readiness Skills

We know children benefit most when schools and families can work together to support children’s early readiness skills. Included in our readiness resource library is a list of resources and websites that promote readiness skills in the areas of mathematics, literacy, self-regulation, and social skills. In addition, resources for supporting children with different abilities and English Learners provide guidance on supporting all young students.

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Benefits for Families

Check out our fall and spring family resource packets, as well as an overview of how VKRP benefits families and their children.

Trainings and Support

VKRP offers in-person and online trainings to help you prepare and get the most out of VKRP data.


Visit and subscribe to the VKRP blog for monthly updates, as well as useful tips and resources to promote readiness skills.